I was born in 1981 in Kiev, Ukraine. In 2009 I moved to Geneva, Switzerland.
Since childhood I was interested in art and design.  When I was 12 years old, I enrolled in art school in Kiev.

After completing secondary school, I was educated in the fashion industry. Thereafter, I worked for a long time as an independent designer and couturier in Ukraine..
I am grateful to be born with the gift of the sense of beauty and harmony and this has become my main goal: translate such feeling into the physical realm and share it with everyone. That is why I decided to professionally engage in painting. In 2015 I became a student at the art school Artquarium in Geneva. This gave me the opportunity to implement my projects.

The connection between the spiritual and the physical has always been my favourite study subject. That is why in August 2016 
I went to Peru where I had a wonderful shamanic experience which helped me understand myself and the world around us. Together with this and the technical skills which I am constantly developing, I would like to share with the viewers a part of my experience.

 I mainly work in expressionist style with elements of symbolism,  but constantly enjoy taking new challenges by experimenting new techniques and styles.
I am happy to take you down to the rabbit hole and to share with you my world of art and creation!

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