Bright and colorful
3 artworks

Bright and colorful paintings for a good mood.

Small format
3 artworks

Small format paintings. Paintings of a small format are wonderful because they will fit in any space.

6 artworks

Wooden bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings.

Fairy tale and fantasy
5 artworks

Here you will find paintings, illustrations and mixed media works that are also suitable for decorating children's room. Bright and magical motives will help developing imagination and perception of colours. Surround yourself and your loved ones with a fairy tale world.

Expressive figurative
10 artworks

Figurative art in the style of expressionism. Acrylic, mix media, watercolour, dry pastel.

Abstract art
7 artworks

Contemporary Abstract Art

Expressive symbolism
6 artworks

These art works are combination of symbolism and expressionism. Looking at them longer we will be able to read the story that the artist wants to tell us. Who knows maybe you will see yours story...

2 artworks

Pastel, pencils and other writing capillary units, ink,

Urban natur
3 artworks

This series express urban nature as well as the objects surrounding us. It shows that nature, which adopts and blends itself into urban life, tells a story about symbiosis between human craftsmanship and the plant world.

Mixed media
2 artworks

Wool painting
8 artworks

These are non watercolour paintings pictures. They are created by layering wool fibres on a flat surface and fixed with a glass frame. Some of them are made by using wet felting technique. These techniques are called “Wool Painting”. They allow you to achieve a great variety of colours and tones and resembles a watercolour painting with its soft colour blends.

Art clock
2 artworks

Wall Clock. Hand painted, epoxy, natural materials.

String Art
5 artworks

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